Get matched with only those companies that are right for you.

How? All interviewers at Up & Front are senior developers.

  • Talk to Real Experts

    Our interviewers are all senior developers working in their respective technologies - not sales or HR people going through check lists.

  • Pre-Screened Companies

    We pre-screen all our companies to make sure we only accept those that we ourselves would want to work at: great tech, product & team.

  • Quick'n Easy

    Only one profile with us is needed for all our top employers in Berlin, London and Stockholm. You choose, we do the rest.

  • Great Profiles

    We only work with hand-selected companies and the best developers, so you are in good company.

  • Privacy

    You decide who gets to see your profile. Current and past employers can be excluded.

  • Happiness

    Land the job that makes you happy. No risk - you can refuse matches and we only get paid if you get successfully placed!

  • It was a great experience. They really got to know me and provided me with several options, which led to two exciting offers, each with an amazing bunch of developers! The companies on other platforms weren’t half as interesting - Up & Front has a very strong approach in matching candidates and employers!Alan P. - React/Redux, Node.js
  • Up & Front was amazing! They are a reliable team that makes the whole hiring process fast and professional. They really know what matters when you are looking for a new challenge. I was particularly impressed by their ability to follow up whenever needed - this is not something to take for granted and was extremely helpful!Ido S. - Node.js, node-webkit

How it works

1. Create your profile

Once submitted, we will screen your profile. If you fit our requirements, you will be assigned to one of our experts, who will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Your profile is not public. We will first schedule a call or an in-person meeting with you to talk about your profile what you are looking for in your next job. You can exclude any companies you do not want your profile to see at any time, e.g. current or past employers, corporates or start ups, etc.

2. Watch the matches come in

After meeting you we get to work matching you with companies in our pool that we think best fit your interests and profile.

How? Because our expertes are working as senior developers in your technologies and they have also interviewed the employers on your behalf. They ask the same questions that they would ask during their own interviews and only accept those companies that they would personally want to work for.

3. Interview with our matches

When you meet the teams, some employers require technical demonstrations of your programming skills, e.g. coding challenges, collaborative code-editing or code reviews. Some companies interview in person, others prefer to first call you or have a Skype chat before inviting you in to meet the team.

This time will be the most stressful in the process, so make sure you set some time aside to prepare and rest so you can appear your best. Also know, we have been there ourselves and we are there for you every step of the way, e.g. if you need some help with organising your schedule or if you have questions about the best way to prepare.

4. You have found the perfect place

Once you have chosen the perfect team & company and they have also chosen you - it's time to celebrate!


What are companies looking for?

Grades and previous employers can matter to some employers, but we are by far more interested in your passion for programming and where you have demonstrated your skills.

In the backend, the technologies most in demand are JavaScript, Node, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python and iOS, but some also look for Scala and Go developers.

Companies also look for strong front-end geniuses and UX/UI professionals. Occasionally we also get high demand for senior product managers and product owners.

Also, please note that our companies are looking for full-time staff that can join their teams on site, so we are not the right place if you are looking for part-time or remote work.

Although most teams prefer you joining them as an employee, many of the companies on our list are happy to accommodate freelancers.

Do I have to accept one of the offers?

No, of course you do not have to accept one of the offers.

Where are the companies based?

The companies that we work with are based in the coolest cities on planet Earth: in Berlin, London and Stockholm. More cities coming soon.

I wish to work in Berlin, but I do not speak any German. Can I still apply?

Yes, definitely! Many of the teams in Berlin we work with use English as their work language. Some loved the devs we suggested to them so much that they switched to English for them. So yes, go ahead and apply.

Are you ready?