Get the best developer talent

We match hand-selected employers with hand-selected developers.

Tap into our exclusive network and take your IT to the next level.

  • Pre-screened top talent

    We screen all applicants carefully and do the technical check ups on them so you know you only interview the best.

  • Exclusive access

    We are a company run by developers - gain access to an exclusive network of the best in Java, Ruby, Node, iOS, Android, you name it.

  • Save yourself time

    The best talent is hard to find. Head-hunting is tedious and time-consuming. So we do the search for you and tap into our extensive network for you to find your perfect match.

  • Quick setup and fast results

    Registering as an employer profile is quick and easy. We regularly supply you with a stream of top talent that matches your profile.

  • Pay for performance

    We want you to be happy with the candidates, so we have come up with 2 fair payment models and a 3 month trial period.

  • Hire full-time and on-site

    We specialize in staffing full-time and on-site positions, strengthening your in-house team with experienced talent.

How it works

1. Create a company profile

Once submitted, we will screen your company profile and be in touch shortly after to get to know you and talk about your requirements.

Most developers care a great deal about the work culture, set up and the team. Therefore, it is very important to us that we get to know your company so we can match you with the right talent.

We prefer to meet you in person, see the office and speak to some of your devs. We will also discuss the job specs, conditions and remuneration package, which should include a ballpark figure of the salary and options, if available. Then we will create a brief about you, which we will share with potential candidates.

Your profile is not public and can only be seen by the candidates that you have contacted and that we have pre-approved.

2. Select your candidate(s)

We will regularly present you with a new selection of hot developer talent that we believe matches your profile. You have 1 week (7 days) to make up your mind and decide whether you wish to interview them.

You can interview multiple candidates at the same time. However, since our talents belong to the best in their respective fields, it is in your best interest to move fast. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the candidate before making up your mind.

3. Interview week

When getting to know candidates, some employers require technical demonstrations of programming skills, e.g. coding challenges, collaborative code-editing or code reviews.

Some companies interview in person, others prefer to first call or have a Skype chat before inviting developers in to meet the team. Devs know this and expect this and will be well prepared.

4. You have found the perfect candidate(s)

Once you have chosen the perfect candidate(s) and they have chosen you, the introductory offer is turned into the final -binding- paper offer, which usually takes companies 7-14 days, though many companies act faster.

To avoid disappointment, this final offer should be as close to or identical to the initial introductory offer, so it is essential to evaluate up-front how much you are prepared to pay the ideal candidate for the position.


  • We have 2 fair pricing models so can accommodate for different needs and ensure satisfaction on both sides:

    PLAN A (most popular): We charge a competitive one-off fee of 15% of the hire’s first year base salary, which is only due 90 days after the candidate has joined your team. If for any reasons the candidate and you decide to part ways beforehand, we will not charge you.  100% satisfaction guaranteed. Try us risk-free for 90 days!
  • PLAN B (for start ups and small companies): You can choose to pay 1% of the hire’s annual salary in monthly instalments for the first 24 months of their employment with you. In case employment ceases early, payments stop.


Why should I use you?

Traditionally, companies can either head-hunt talent, which is time-consuming with low success rates, or go through agencies, which have a hard time tapping the best talent in the developer scene.

The best developers do not look for jobs on Stack Overflow or respond to the many email requests they routinely receive. They learn about cool new projects through their connections.

Due to our work as developers and as organizers of networks such as  Germany's largest Node.JS group,  we sit at the source and  attract top talent from all over Europe.  

Thanks to our extensive network we can offer you exclusive access to  top talent you are unlikely to encounter anywhere else.

What sets you apart from other agencies?

HR agencies rarely have any technical background, which makes it hard for them to  recognize great talent  or do  technical background checks  to assess candidates.

What sets us apart the most from other agencies is that we thoroughly screen all candidates. Since we are developers ourselves we can ensure you that the candidates belong to the best in their field.

In short, we save you a lot of time, worry and headaches. Also, we offer you the choice between two fair, transparent and entirely performance-based payment models, so there are no prior cost and no risk!

What kind of talent do you have?

We have talent from all the major trending programming languages and technologies: We recruit mainly Java, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, iOS and Android, but also some top PHP, Python and Scala talent.

We also can provide you with profiles from strong front-end geniuses and UX/UI professionals, senior product managers and product owners to complete your team.

All positions staffed by us are full-time and on-site.

Do I have to accept one of the candidates?

No, of course you do not have to accept one of candidates.

However, it is important to us that both, companies and developers, are serious about their intent to hire talent or look for a job, respectively.

Where is the talent from?

We recruit talent mainly from Germany, Scandinavia, the UK and other European countries.

It is one of our requirements that they are European citizens or have a valid EU work visa and can speak English fluently. Most speak the respective local language.

If you have specific requirements regarding the candidates' background or language skills, we can discuss this at our initial interview with you.

Gain exclusive access to the best developer talent in Europe!